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i thought about removing the jimgagas but then i thought
why should i
#keep the jimgagas 2014
i have not done oddities in forever wow i am really sorry everybody
ive just had a lot to focus on what with moving to canada, trying to sell art, and working on animation stuff
its not dead i sweAR
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ok if anybody here uses artists & clients i need some help cause this doesnt make a bit of sense
most of my commission slots are hidden by the staff with no sort of pattern to them whatsoever; its completely random, like all the sketches are hidden, but only full body for simple shading and half body for full shading is shown?? and chibi line art and full color but not flat color??? this makes no sense to me 90% of my slots are being hidden. how am i supposed to branch out when the damn staff wont even let people see what i have to offer
im pretty pissed this is going to be my only form of income pretty soon until further notice and im trying so hard to make it work, yet a site thats supposed to help and support artists like me is just hiding all my shit. why. what the hell. help me out here


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the mei-meinator
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
i do art. there may or may not be black magic involved.

part boy, part girl, all natural white mean chicken

heyyy im the creator of an animated web show in the works currently called bxr with my co-creator :iconbanjorulez22:
basically all i post is bxr, oddities (which is that pastel-looking comic with all the weird characters having strange adventures in my gallery), and probably some magical girls and maybe some fan art here and there
and object heads
god damn do i love object heads
a little charlotte now and then

we're looking for some voice actors, musicians, and supporting artists to join our team as soon as we hit the production stage; production will start as soon as season 1 is scripted and currently we have about 8 of the 10 hours ready; if youre interested, drop me a note; we're currently still in the development stages of season 1 while juggling daily life but we're doing the best we can to get this thing rolling soon. if you wanna know more about the show, check out the bxr folder in my gallery or feel free to ask


Mr. Origami's Circus by Queen-of-the-Losers
Mr. Origami's Circus
if you didnt know, ive been working on a game side project :V here's one of the backgrounds i just finished and im quite proud considering backgrounds arent really my strong point haha
11.22.14: commissions are still very much open, but there will be a bit of a delay as i have to close my bank account that my paypal is connected to; as soon as i get it set up to a new bank after i move everything will be all good

AYYYY so here’s the deal i’m trying to save up money so i can move to canada with my boyfriend—the only place and people with whom ive ever really felt happy and at home—so we can get a start on our lives and i can leave the people that i recently found out have given me anxiety among other issues and wont allow me access to any help for it; what does that mean for you? IM SELLING COMMISSIONS, SON

here's the tumblr version

commission visual price guide by Queen-of-the-Losers

and you can add a simple background for $5 more like one of these!
Better Luck Next Time, Kid! by Queen-of-the-Losersthe way is lost by Queen-of-the-Losersanneversary pic by Queen-of-the-LosersOddities Round 2! by Queen-of-the-LosersThrowback Thursday by Queen-of-the-Losershat in time title card by Queen-of-the-Losers

as stated in the price guide, i will offer to imitate styles at the buyer’s request! but imitating styles takes a lot of research and practice on my part so it’ll cost 1.2x the regular price. here are some other styles i have imitated before!

A Hat in Time
hat in time title card by Queen-of-the-Losers

Skullgirls style examples by Queen-of-the-Losers

Panty and Stocking
PSWG style example by Queen-of-the-Losers

30s cartoon

30s Style Example by Queen-of-the-Losers
if there is another style you’d like me to imitate, please tell me what artist or series it’s from and send some pictures and i will do my best!

here are some basic rules for my commissions:

- 3 character maximum

- i will not draw porn, but you can ask me if you want something romantic or a little flirty or some artistic nudity and i will let you know if i can do it!

- i will draw humans, monsters, aliens, fantasy creatures, animals, human-animal/human-creature hybrids, and anthromorphs to the best of my ability

- i will draw OCs, FCs, or if youre just really passionate about a character from a series i’ll draw them too (if the character belongs to someone else—i.e. not a company—i will need to see permission from that person to draw their character)

- all traditional commissions will be done on a half sheet of regular drawing paper (4.5”x6”); if you want a whole sheet instead (9”x12”) it will cost 1.3x the original price; you can have the original copy of your traditional commission mailed to you if you pay for shipping!

- i will only be accepting 5 at a time to ensure that i can get them all done in a timely manner and i wont have to make people wait too long; after the 5 are completed, i’ll announce the list opening again; check back for updates!

- prices are listed in USD

- DO NOT USE MY ARTWORK WITHOUT MY PERMISSION and absolutely DO NOT REMOVE MY SIGNATURE; if you want to use it for something, ask me about it!


1. a commission promised for a friend - completed

2. :iconxylobones: - completed

3. :iconbanjorulez22:

4. empty

5. empty

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nerds in the woods by Queen-of-the-Losers
nerds in the woods
ok but damn was this show good
im thinking about doing a nice big piece for it

over the garden wall (c) patrick mchale

wirt is my favorite dork shh
paper boyfriend :V by Queen-of-the-Losers
paper boyfriend :V
my first attempt at paper craft style to imitate the look of tengami for :iconbanjorulez22:
it was super fun and im totally making more omg
thinking about offering these for commissions

tengami (c) nyamyam games

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